NCAA Football Video Game May Return Soon

The discontinuation of NCAA football video game in 2014 disappointed several online soccer players. While online gamers enjoyed playing poker games like judi online, the NCAA football video game was a refreshing change. It is good news now that the popular online soccer game is soon to return to its fans on this website here.

What is the NCAA Football Video Game?

NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association is an online soccer video game developed by EA Sports. This is an American game inspired by the real-life NCAA football matches. In the video game version of NCAA football, players compete against the current Division I Football Bowl Subdivision colleges. It could be played on Playstation, Xbox, Windows, iOS and GameCube. The game found a massive following, ranking just behind EA Sports’ famous titles – the FIFA Soccer and NFL Madden games.

Why was NCAA Football Video Game discontinued?

The popular football video game was discontinued in July 2014 by NCAA who refused to renew its licensing contract with Electronic Arts. The discord happened over legal disputes regarding the use of player likenesses in the games.

Is NCAA Football Video Game likely to return?

The major reason that the game went out was because the players were not paid for using their likenesses in the game. However they were compensated by EA Sports on applying for a settlement. EA Sports still has no qualms in compensating the athletes whose avatars were used in the game. They only want NCAA to soften its rules on using the same in its games. In fact, those at EA Sports are aware that a comeback of the video game would be met with a lot of cheer. Nothing is clear till now. Rumor has it that the NCAA might want to connect the video-game payments to education. Whatever be the case, EA Sports is more than eager to be back with the game.