The Legality Of Downloading And Converting Youtube Videos To Audio Formats

YouTube has the most extensive collection of videos that anyone can watch for free. It’s also one of the best resources in the internet for music videos and music streaming for music lovers. For a time, people were able to find a way to download videos from YouTube using different YouTube downloader tools. This feature has then extended to music lovers, giving them way to download YouTube music videos and instantaneously convert them to digital audio format with just a simpler click over here YouTube MP3 feature.

The legality on downloading YouTube videos and music

There has been a long-standing question regarding the legality downloading YouTube videos and converting them to audio formats. It’s one thing to stream free music of YouTube, but it’s an entirely different notion once people start to download them, especially since most of these songs are copyrighted. So, where do we stand in the legality of download YouTube videos and converting them to MP3 for offline consumption?

Drawing the line on music piracy

YouTube is a streaming site and all its contents are legally available for everyone to stream and watch. Its terms of service only extend to streaming their content online. The problem occurs when anyone tries to download videos without legal permission regardless of the tool used and what the download output is, whether it’s a video or an audio file. Anything downloaded from YouTube is considered illegal and punishable by law.

Legal alternatives

Of course, there are ways one can enjoy YouTube’s contents offline without breaking the law. YouTube has its own subscription service called YouTube Premium which allows subscribers to download videos for offline use. This service also allows subscribers access to Google Play Music, Google’s own music streaming app, for music streaming.

Support music artist by legally enjoying their music, and try your best to avoid music piracy of any form. It may cost a little but there’s no high price to pay to be on the right side of the law.