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Why People Are Using Marijuana In Food Items?

When people are taking marijuana then they feel the effect of smoke instantly just after taking marijuana in the form of joint smoke or bong. The people who are using marijuana in the form of smoke their mouth get dry in short time and bloodshot eyes after smoking. They feel too relaxed when they are smoking marijuana and sometime it is said that people move to another world when they are over dose.

It is said that when anyone eat or smoke or drink marijuana then it will digest after 40-45v minutes so the effect of drug remain for long time. However people are using sweet products in order to increase the effect of drug. Sweet dishes increase the level of blood and it pump fast immediately and people get more fun after smoking marijuana.

Why marijuana is banned?

In most of the world marijuana is banned. If you want to know that is marijuana legal in Illinois then you have to search well for US law and orders. Mostly people who live on hill station they are using this drug so that they can easily perform their daily work without feeling affects of winter. If we are talking about Illinois then marijuana is consider as one of the worst drug and people are saying that they can’t work well after inhaling. Mind get dump when people inhale marijuana first time and they don’t know what they are doing.

Irritating drug ever

If we are talking about marijuana smoke then it is the irritating drug because after inhaling people feel breath problem and lungs get damaged after short time. It really affect you mental health because long term marijuana smoke will immediately reduce the power of your mind.

Marijuana is decreasing the motivation power of human being and some time people got heart attack when then, they inhale more smoke in one dash.  It is said that this drug will really defect your immune system when people are smoking it in more volume.