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What Do Others Say About Athletic Greens?

If you want to discover the real pros and cons of any products before purchasing it, always search for reviews that aren’t sponsored; you’ll never see a sponsored review that says negative facts about the product. Remember, that you shouldn’t take the word of the manufacturers or sellers themselves for obvious reasons; who doesn’t want to make sales? So for those that want to try Athletic Greens, search for a trusty Athletic Greens review; the same goes for any other food supplement out there.

Athletic Greens Review

According to the review by, supplements categorized under the greens receive the least amount of attention for fitness and health enthusiasts. What many don’t know is that greens help in balancing the nutrition. A green supplement that they tried out is Athletic Greens, it’s a green powered packed with numerous ingredients which make it a great supplement. One of the biggest issues that people have with green drinks is the taste; sometimes that grassy flavour can get to your stomach and not in a good way. As far as tastes go, Athletic Greens won’t make you lurch. It has a mild and pleasant flavour with just a hint of sweetness; the taste and flavour comes from the added fruits, vanilla, vegetables and stevia.

A con that many agree to is the price; what should we expect from a quality product? Good quality green supplements will always come with a price; the average spending would be $1 per serving but it’s worth it. Take note that Athletic Greens averages at $4.23 per serving; see the price difference? If you’re an athlete or a person living a rather active lifestyle, it’s highly recommended that you consume two servings a day which doubles the amount that you thought you’d initially spend. Price aside, this is the perfect supplement for just about anyone.