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What Are Some Of The Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women?

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Female Hairloss

Although not as common as that of men, women can experience hairloss as well. This condition is otherwise known as FPB, or Female Pattern Baldness, which is characterized by thinning hair and widening of the area which the scalp parts. It is caused by the same hormone in men, which is Androgen. Slightly more than 50% of women would experience it as they grow older, and about 40% of them would experience it the moment they reach 50 years old. Given that the natural hormones of their body is dominated by estrogen.

Male Hairloss

Men are more prone to experiencing hair loss than women. As a matter of fact, 85% of men experience balding to some degree when they hit 50, with 20% of men experiencing balding beginning their early 20s. This makes it a more urgent problem to be treated among men, given the fact that the dominating hormone in their bodies is androgen, or testosterone, which is the culprit behind male pattern hair loss. It usually begins at the temples, and time will come when the hairline begins to recede.