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Toronto Rhinoplasty Cost

No matter where you go, rhinoplasty and other similar cosmetic surgeries are pricey; they may vary but not so much. So if you’re searching for Toronto rhinoplasty and will eventually pay a small fortune, then why not go for an expert Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon? In the Toronto area, one of the most famous rhinoplasty surgeons would be Dr. Oakley Smith. You can read all about his skills and expertise online and we’re here to give you an idea regarding costs.

Dr. Oakley Smith Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeries and all other non-surgical rhinoplasty related injections are not covered by private health insurances and the OHIP. Usually, the starting cost of rhinoplasty begins at $11,000 but can easily reach $13,000 if the surgery presents any complexity. For rhinoplasty revisions, costs start at $12,000 and can reach up to $26,000 especially if cartilage grafts are needed. Surgical rhinoplasty takes time; you can’t hasten the process. The simplest rhinoplasty surgery can require a minimum of 3 hours and may cost $11,000. Meanwhile, the most complex can require 7 hours and the patient will burn through $26,000; these complex surgeries typically involve badly damaged noses that need rib cartilage. Rhinoplasty quotations are honoured for only a year.

As for consultation fees and deposits, cosmetic consultation fees cost $250. For surgeries booked within the year of the consultation, the consultation fee will be deducted from the total surgery cost. Also, they require a $2,000 deposit, take note that did is a non-refundable deposit; the deposit is for the booking of the time and date of the surgery. The balance of the costs need to be paid a month before the scheduled cosmetic nose surgery.

If the prices seem too overwhelming, search online for businesses offering medical loans specifically for cosmetic rhinoplasty; application forms are available at