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The Best Places To Be In Russia

One of the ways in order for you to best enjoy Russia or any destination of choice is for you to pick a travel agency that offers various complete packages that give you ample time to explore what the country has to offer. A great travel agency that offers package tours for those who wish to Travel to Russia include Travelmenu, which makes it a point to distribute package deals to other businesses for them to sell. While getting the best package deal matters, it also greatly matters that you get to pick where you would go. Here are some of the three best destinations to be in if you want to spend your vacation in Russia.

Ruskeala, Karelia

This north-western republic of Russia is known for their breath-taking natural views, with waterfalls, trees, an giant rocks that can’t be found elsewhere. The most popular site for visitors in this area is the Ruskeala mountain park, which comes with a marble canyon and a lake with waters that are so pristine. It also has an underground lake which you can explore. You can hike, rent boats, give, and explore. This place is best visited during the summer season.


Located in the eastern-most town of the northern hemisphere, this place has various volcano and mountains that you can trek along, free of charge. You can also go kayaking and sailing here, as well as go for hunting trips and fishing. Delicacies that you can enjoy in this place include Kamchatka crabs, as well as other well-known delicacies. A great place to stay is at the Nachalnik Kamchatki mini-hotel, where you can stay in one of the nature-themed rooms. Ecotourism is a relatively new industry here, and hence you would have to book ahead if you want to spend the night here.