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The Amazing World Of Squishy Toys

Squishies are the biggest trend in the market right now as far as kiddie’s toys and decoration apparatus goes. They are soft toys which can be squeezed and deformed due to their elasticity and the slowly rise back into their original shape in a matter of seconds. They are cute, colorful and come in an array of designs and characters. There is no limit to the functionalities of these squishy toys;


They make great toys for little kids, they are non-toxic and come in their favorite cartoon characters including animals, cakes and deserts, sports balls, smiley’s,  action figures, all sorts of flavored candy and pastries, fruits and lots more. They are perfectly safe for kids, durable and are great for learning.


Ever walked into a home and you see a couple of dolls sitting near the television or the fire place? Don’t they look simply adorable? Squishy toys make good decorations for home use. They come as artificial food, pastries and fruits which looks simply magnificent in every kitchen, not to mention they are great bathing companions for little kids. Did I mention they look simply divine on the outdoor pavement? You can give your garden a colorful look by adding a few jumbo sized squishy toys here and there.


Squishy toys are perfect stress relievers to squeeze on anytime you get that overwhelming feeling. Stress balls are medically proven to give relief when stressed. Squishies play similar roles as well.


Kawaii squishies make great aesthetics for events such as kiddy birthday parties, wedding decorations for halls and wedding cake, and lots of other social events. They give color and flavor to any occasion.

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