Smashy Road Arena Hacks

Do you know how to hack Smashy road arena? Well, a lot of people do not know too. Luckily, hackers have posted a lot of glitches, hacks, and cheats on the internet. And after 3 months, people have figured out how to hack Smashy’s .xml file and control vehicle durability, vehicle speeds, and money. But of course, not everyone knows the technical ways and coding to hack smashy road.

There are 2 methods to hack Smashy Road Wanted and Arena. The first method is to use currency generator hacks and second is to download a modded game version. Oftentimes, there are glitches that are money-related. However, the game company quickly fixes it.

Use a Currency Generator Cheat

The advantages of using a money generator hack include keeping the original game installed; smooth gameplay (no bugs or lagging), XP and achievements are still added to your Google Game account. However, it has one disadvantage. And that is 20 up to 30% success rate, depending on the version of your device. A money generator operates through your browser and hacks the quantity of money stored in the memory of your Smashy Road Game. There is a high chance of failure and the success rate differs from one device to another. It is a low risk gamble. It is really worth trying, especially if you successfully hacked the game.

Install a Modded Version of the Game

The advantage of installing a modded version includes 100% success rate. Also, it is very simple to install. However, there are a lot of disadvantages. First, the game sometimes lags or freeze and they can be buggy. Second, you do not get any achievements or XP to your Google Game account. Lastly, it will take another 50 up to 150MB on your device.