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Relax with Bath Bombs After a Stressful Day

Every once in while it wouldn’t be wrong to treat yourself to a relaxing day or activity; enjoy a cup of coffee, take a walk in the park or if your schedule is a bit hectic treat yourself to a bath with bath bombs. Lounging around in the bathtub for a few hours is relaxing enough in itself, what more if you add some fragrance into the tub? So many bath bombs are available but below are among the best sellers in numerous shops.

Yumscents Love Spell

When searching in the bath bomb category, it becomes apparent that Yumscents is a famous brand, preferred by both men and women. Because of the quality of the Love Spell bath bomb by Yum scents, it’s a popular choice among spas, hotels, massage parlors and other recreational centers. Compared to similar bath bombs, Love Spell is larger at 11 ounces. When the bath bomb is used, it fizzes a lot more and the sweet fragrance sticks well to the skin and since it’s free from any residue you don’t have to worry about anything.

On a daily basis, people all over the world spend a small fortune on bath bombs that sadly fail to deliver what it said on the package but this is definitely not the case for the Love Spell. Besides the size of the bath bomb and the fact that it’s SLS-free, Love Spell is packed with moisturizing oils that are beneficial to the skin. The product is quite convenient, once you unwrap the bath bomb just place it in the water and let it do wonders. Take note that there are people who complain about Love Spell’s dullness, but if you’re in search of fragrant bath bombs with health benefits then Yum scents is the ideal brand for you.