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Incredibly Comfortable C-Shaped Body Pillow By Pharmedoc

While a woman is pregnant, they require a lot of help in terms of getting around and items made especially for the additional comfort of the woman; keep in mind that not every pregnancy takes a drastic toll on the woman, it’s a case per case basis. A product that offers amazing comfort for women at any stage of the pregnancy is the pregnancy back support pillow. Yes, it’s a pillow but entirely different from those you already own. These pillows were designed to give support for the body especially since the bump gets in the way of a good night’s sleep.

PharMeDoc’s C-Shaped Body Pillow

Specializing in orthopedic pillows, PharMeDoc is a famous brand in the world of body pillows. Pregnancy pillows manufactured under this brand are created and designed with the pregnant lady’s comfort in mind. The C-Shaped Body Pillowis 30 inches in width and 62 inches in length, it’s completely adjustable to facilitate the utmost comfort for the owner. The pillow’s design and shape is symmetrical to enable folding to provide a lounging surface. Also, the low and wider loft gives the owner the option to create a comfortable sleep experience for back and belly support.

The pillow’s cover features a hundred percent cotton, washable and long zippered cover; the soothing and soft cover improves the owner’s nightly sleep. The C-Shaped Body Pillow is ideal for back and hip support for sleep. Designed and manufactured as a pillow for pregnancy, the pillow alleviates pain and relief for the joints. Proper sleeping posture could also be achieved, combined with the numerous other benefits this pillow might just be the key to the best sleep you had in a long while. As we mentioned, the pillow is still usable by anyone in the household.