Creating Pictures that Take the Breath Away Using an iPhone

Almost everyone that tends to post splendid pictures online, especially on their Instagram account, likelt use a professional camera or their phone’s camera. For all the iPhone users out there, the phone’s camera can take amazing photos just fine. But if you’re aiming to be so much more than a regular snapper, then regular shots from your iPhone definitely won’t make the cut. We highly recommend one of the most impressive photo enhancer app for iPhone users – Camera+.


What the Camera+ basically does is take any of the existing camera apps you have and enable a lot more control than you initially had; this allows enhanced focus alongside metering points. You’re not actually required to do all these things because you can already take amazing photos with the automatic mode. On the other hand, if you really want better light and speed control then go for the Camera+. Once you get the hand of it, the controls will become easier to manage; the controls even open up with the slide wheel found on the screen. Users will be able to toggle and change the sensitivity settings, timing values and exposure values.

All you have to do is apply the right kind of setting, capturing the moment and save the image in the Camera+ system. Camera+ is a lot more than just a replacement for the default camera; users will be presented with a handful of options on how they want the final image to be exported. The photo enhancer app also offers layered filers which includes a mode called ‘clarity’; it acts as an HDR filter and a sharpening tool. Compared to other photo enhancer apps, Camera+ is not as complex so if you’re after targeted changes to the image then you’ll be disappointed.