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Cool Swegways on the Current Hype

Innovations are continuously taking place, including on the mode of transport of people. And this doesn’t only refer to road vehicles, but to fun and cool personal transports as well. As the new evolution to the likes of skateboards, Swegways is now taking on the hype as one of the coolest personal transport stuff.

What are Swegways?

A swegway or hover board is an evolutionary take on skateboards and segway, but it doesn’t have any handle bars despite having electrical motors as its engine. It features a platform with two big wheels on the side, and can run from 6 to 12mph.

Swegways are operated through the art of balancing, thus you need to develop your sense of balance to make it run smoothly. It basically runs on the direction where you put more weight on it, thus leaning a bit forward can make it go forward and leaning a bit backwards can make it go in reverse. However, you have to press your right toe if you wanted to go left, and your left toe for the opposite.

A swegway is powered by lithium battery, and can come with several features depending on the brand and unit that you have. Some have beginner and standard features, with the former enabling it run on 6mph and the latter for around 12mph. There are also some brands that offer remote control feature for you to have better control over it. You just have to choose which feature do you like most, and make sure to buy from reputable manufacturers for you to have a high quality swegway.

If you want to ride on the hype of this cool stuff, buy one for yourself and get the balance moving for you. Just remember to take note of the traffic rules regarding swegways, and buy a high quality brand for your own safety. Have a fun and enjoyable ride!