Developing Emotions for MMORPGs

Sometimes a phenomenon occurs while one plays a MMORPG such as World of Warcraft or Rose Online: one develops something of an emotional connection to the character that they create. Even if you haven’t experienced this directly, you’ve surely seen it. We all know someone who seems just a little too into whatever online RPG they’re playing. I want to go into detail about why this is, and why this can be both a very healthy and unhealthy thing. You should check out situs poker online terbaik for more online games. You get a variety of MMORPGs that you can enjoy with your friends and family. It is really fun and the games works seamlessly.

When we play games that allow use to role play, we have access to a world that is not our own. This world, while it may not seem so, is also much more fair than our world. Each character in an MMORPG has the same opportunities. There is no need for real, great, physical strength to become a mighty warrior, and nobody actually has to be a genius to become a spell caster. This may seem arbitrary, but it is extremely important to keep in mind. A world full of such absolutely perfect equal opportunity is very appealing. Unlike real life, we do not doubt the limits of our characters since their limits are clearly defined.

Our attraction to such a world can be dangerous. When one becomes too attached to his or her virtual self, the MMORPG world can quite honestly consume them. There’s a tendency to compare the real world with the virtual world that is very unhealthy. Perhaps in the real world, you’re simply a peon…but in the virtual world, you’ve earned the respect of thousands. Such an addiction (and even preference) to the virtual world is dangerous because, well, simply because it isn’t real. Heart-breaking as it may be, you can never become the glorious hero that is represented on your screen.

Still, this is just one end of an extreme. Many can play MMORPGs in perfect moderation and enjoy them thoroughly without becoming too involved. I’d even argue that there are some beautiful life lessons to be learned from the world of online gaming.

No, really! Shut up! Stop laughing! I’m serious!

Ask any MMORPG player what their ultimate goal is in the game they’re playing, and the response is generally that if they haven’t already reached the maximum level, they intend to reach the maximum level. I can’t count the number of MMORPGs I’ve played where reaching the highest level was always my goal. Still, each and every time this is done, it reinforces a very valuable lesson:

Most MMORPG gamers will tell you that they honestly don’t care very much when they actually achieve the maximum level. The absolute, most enjoyable part of the whole game is becoming the maximum level. Many players (myself included) feel the desire to play the game over again as a different character with different abilities in order to experience the climb again, since it was the most enjoyable part.

While this truth is abundantly clean in MMORPGs…it isn’t always so clear in life. We’re constantly talking about how we can’t wait to finish school to enter into our professions, or about how we can’t wait until we’ve saved up enough to buy a nice vacation. I think this is a very important note we can take from MMORPGs. After all, we don’t have a chance to live through it all again once we’re done.