Find Out How California’s Cannabis Black Market Has Eclipsed Its Legal One!

A close look at the state’s records would rather indicate that the rise for the necessity of marijuana businesses has also consecutively lead to the wide increase in the demand for the black market and its good available for purchase.

The statistics

When the legal laws came to the conclusion that buying and holding cannabis is allowed for only those above the age of 21, a lot of illegal alternatives have been found to take place in the area. The number of illegal shops and outlets which offer marijuana holds a threat to the authentic stores that comply with the government’s rules and regulations for selling the product thereby increasing competition in the business. Although the officials have stated that strict penalties and actions will be taken against those who don’t comply with the law, certain challenges still seem to delay the outcome of the said process.

Why the growing demand for the black market?

Even after the product was legalized in the state, the people came to a realization that the number of businesses legally operative is not enough to satisfy the needs of the people and hence these challenges encouraged the demand for the black market more than anything else. The laws also enabled certain localities such as queens cannabis dispensary to keep sales to a certain limit which further lead to many withdrawals from the merchant’s side and hence the public coming to face the fact that cannabis may not be easily accessible or available even after the law as such was passed.

Certain online platforms are being used in order to find out the location of such illegal stores in order to report and force shut them without giving an opportunity for other illegal stores to open up and replace the same.