Best Insoles For When You Need To Stand For A Long Time

There has been a lot of updates on the negative impacts of sitting around for the most part of the day, to a point where it’s now considered as unhealthy as smoking. However, not many people talk about the effects of standing for an extended period of time towards a person’s health. Some professions would warrant standing up for work, sometimes all day, causing muscle and joint pains which can lead to serious problems if not addressed or sustained.

Fortunately, there are ways to help reduce the impacts of standing all day towards the feet and joints, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort. In soles inserted into shoes help by providing relief towards the contact points of the feel to help alleviate pressure.

Here are some of the best insoles you can use to help address this problem:

New Balance Insoles

These insoles from New Balance provide a better distribution of weight across a person’s feet through contours. A deep heel cup helps add cushioning on the heel to absorb impact when moving about. It has a built-in airflow system that helps keep both feet fresh and a “Plastazole” top layer to help mold the insert of one’s foot.


Mindinsole contains magnets spread strategically across the insole that function as acupuncture on the soles of the feet to help improve circulation and provide more energy. It is a cut more expensive than most available insoles but offers more benefits towards improving the overall health of the user. It may feel uncomfortable at first due to ridges and bumps across the top, but continuous use will make it feel more soothing towards the person’s feet.

Superfeet Green Insole

Superfeet Green Insoles are biomechanically shaped to offer optimum support and shock absorbance for your feet. They help stabilize your feet, joints, and legs providing a much needed relief even when standing for an extended period of time. Its closed-cell foam construction has a specialized outer coating that helps control odors, keeping your feet always fresh.