3 Common Mistakes To Be Careful Of While Choosing An Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are a must-have in every smart man’s grooming arsenal. However, buying an electric shaver involves a certain number of considerations that you should pay heed to. A lot of amateur buyers usually shop in a rush which at times lead to a number of serious mistakes. The post below offers a brief on those common mistakes that you should avoid here to ensure the right buy.

Not checking compatibility with beard

This is to stress here that everyone’s beard doesn’t grow in the same way. For some, the bristles tend to grow in almost the same way or direction.

On the other hand, some beards tend to swirl around as well as turn in possibly every direction. And, thus not all kinds of shavers are suitable for every kind of beard. But a lot of new buyers don’t take care of basic beard compatibility with shavers and that land them in a shaving disaster.

For those uninitiated, there are basically two kinds of electric shavers in the current market-foil and rotary. If your beard usually points downward or away from center of face, then you would need foil shaver. But, if your beard swirls around, rotary shavers will be the ultimate thing for you.

Not checking bathroom space

Not all electric shavers are modelled the same way just as haarschneidemaschine devices are designed in different models. For example, some shavers carry in-built charging and cleaning bases and hence need a larger space. But, unfortunately, a lot of new buyers tend to ignore the need of an affordable space in the bathroom to accommodate the shaver. And that can make your shaver completely useless. How would you operate the shaver if you don’t the right space and setting for it?

Getting a non-serviceable shaver

Electric shavers can command a high price point and your chosen model should allow for servicing for lasting durability. But a lot of new buyers often don’t check this basic facility and end up investing a small fortune in a device that won’t really last long.