The rise of Boxing Games

Boxing games are becoming many people’s favorite. The setup of the boxing game is straightforward and can be installed anywhere. In the beginning, the boxing game has earned great popularity in past times, but now the trend of playing boxing games is declining.Because of the introduction of many other games like online casino games, the various website like pokerqq is gaining reputation. Boxing was the first Olympic sport, and from that time, it has learned a lot of popularity.

Boxing game: the best fighting game

To play each game, the player needs to follow a set of rules. Likewise,boxing ahs specific rules and regulations which need to be followed during the game. Here, are some instructions to play fighting games:

rule1: say no to wrestling 

While performing boxing steps, the player is not allowed to hug each other. Boxing involves punching and laying down the other player. So it should not include any wrestling poses .hitting the players are not allowed in the game. Never try to cause harm to the other player. Just follow the directions, which lead to winning the game.

rule2: duration of the game

The game consists of three minutes with a break of one minute after each round. If the other player fails to get up within ten seconds, then he loses the battle. No extra time is given to the players. If in case a player felt tired and gave up, then automatically the player wins the game.

rule3: no footwear’s and proper gloves

The player is not allowed to wear boots and shoes while entering the battleground. The player is allowed to enter the ground with bare feet. The size of the glove should not be more than the size of the hand. Therefore, the equipment should ne according to referee satisfaction.