A Pro Guide On Completing Fortnite’s Team Spirit Challenges

Fortnite involves two kinds of Team Spirit Challenges. As per data from https://fortniteinc.com, one is called “Normal Challenges” while the other one is termed as “Prestige Challenges”. The second one is obviously slightly tougher compared to the first one. Are you looking for a guide on how to complete these challenges? Well, the post below offers a handy guide on completing the major challenges from both the sections.

  • Challenges from Normal Challenges

Pet teammate’s pet

Do you have a teammate who has got a pet? Well, if so, you are in for a luck. But, if you don’t know anybody with a pet, count on Team Rumble. You may find someone who already has his/her pet. After you find the player and the pet, just rush to the pet. Wait for a prompt to pop up. Once it comes up, press on its button to pet that pet.

Mark rare, epic and uncommon item

Now, this challenge needs the recently implemented Fortnite Ping System. Do you have the button for the Ping System? Well, if you don’ have, you should get it now. After you get it, target a rare item and press on the given button. Players are not needed to play in a team to take part in the challenge.

  • Challenges from Prestige Challenges

Use launchpad in duos or squads

Look for launchpads and jump into it with a team or partner. The launchpad is a great aide to open up multiple chests. The strategy here is to fly with the launchpad to a not-so-crowded place so that you have to face less competition while hunting for chests.

Heal teammate with campfire

The game map features multiple campfires. Your task here is to find a suitable one to heal your friend. It’s better to look for a campfire which is located closer to your current location.