Is Marijuana Good For Your Overall Health?

Like our title, many people have this question. Is marijuana really good for our health? If so then why many people are not allowed the consumption of this drug?

Well before we start with this debate, it is a more pressing issue that we understand the minor difference between medicine and drug. Many general medicine practitioners have often regarded medicines as drugs. The difference between recreational drugs and medicinal drugs is basically on the dose. Every drug at small doses has a healthy medical property. That same drug when used in huge amounts gives of a toxic effect. Many experiments have been conducted which have resulted in researchers believing that maybe marijuana and cannabis might have a good effect on your health.

Chronic pain

Many people have found that marijuana has been able to relive patients of major chronic pains. Researches feel that the cannaboids in marijuana work on the same receptors that feel for pain. Once these receptors are blocked, you will not be able to feel pain. This is one popular reason to why marijuana is seeing a rise in popularity in its consumption.

Alcoholism and drug addiction

With a high rise in alcohol consumption and drug addiction, many people and researchers are preaching the use of marijuana in weaning of these addictions. This is one good way to reduce the intake of alcohol and get rid of drug addiction. You should not use marijuana as a substitute but as a medical supplement.


Many people have found that marijuana has been a good way to help people who are undergoing depression. They are found to have helped them produce some chemicals in the brains to create a feeling or euphoria. This helps the patients to cope with depression in their own way.

So is marijuana good for our health? The answer to this will be yes. In small doses, marijuana can be useful and beneficial, but in doses that are higher, it can turn into something destructive.  To know more click on the link-