Expert tips to choose a wedding rental company

Are you planning an outdoor wedding reception? Well, when it comes to indoor receptions, everything is provided by the venue. But, in regards to outdoor parties, you have to rent everything yourself. From banquet chair rental to dinnerware rental to lounge furniture- your reception event is incomplete without these rentals. The post below offers a brief on choosing the right wedding rental company for your reception.

Understand your needs and budget

Before you head out to find a wedding rental company, chalk out your rental needs. This will get a you a clear picture on the specific things you have to rent and also the budget to allot here.

Specializes in wedding rental

There is a multitude of event rental companies around but not all would be good for your reception. Don’t forget, wedding is a special event and has its own unique rental needs. Thus, make sure your chosen rental company specializes specifically in wedding. This way, you can be sure of getting all your specific wedding rental supplies from that agency only.

Comparative survey

Don’t just settle with the first wedding rental company you come across online. You should rather take a comparative survey on at least 5-6 wedding rental companies around. Check their reputation, customer testimonials, inventory and service approach. Go for  a one that boasts a solid market reputation and happy customers. And of course, client-oriented service approach. You may ask the company to provide contact details of previous customers. This way, you may contact them and ask about their experience with the rental company.

Setup and installation service

If it’s your wedding, you will hardly have time to take care of the rental supply setup and installation. Thus, make sure your chosen wedding rental company offers support for setup and installation as well.

Make sure to visit the company personally before the final agreement.