Interesting Facts About North Myrtle And Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is an amazing and alluring place with vast beaches all around. It is located on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina and is home to a long series of beaches known as the Grand Strand. It is full of various unique and attractive features and places.

Golf courses which are especially celebrity-designed are quite popular here. The surrounding areas have great accommodations for visitors. The Myrtle Beach oceanfront rentals are the first preference of tourists because of their prime location and the mesmerizing view they offer.

Some surprising fun facts about Myrtle Beach

The name ‘Grand Strand’ is derived from the meaning of the word strand. In the old times, the strand was used to define an area or piece of land that is on the border of any water body. It has beach land for a continuous 60 miles, which enhances the grandeur of the place.

The city is called Myrtle Beach because the beach was surrounded with umpteen wax myrtle trees which give a classic view from Myrtle Beach oceanfront rentals and the place got its name from that. A shag dance competition is also held every year in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is the home to the immensely popular swing dance known as the shag. This dance form came in trend in the late ’60s. The movie named ‘Shag’ was also filmed in Myrtle Beach.

The popular magazine about sports known as Myrtle Beach was found in the Myrtle Beach in a club named Lakes Country club in the year 1954.

The first hotel in Myrtle Beach was established in 1901 known as Seaside Inn. Now there are abundant hotels in the area with specialties. It has this unique specialty that you can see hundreds of hotels on a beach.

This highly popular spot where getting a place is difficult due to the high demand was once one of the cheapest areas. In 1901, plots were available for mere $25 and if you buy one you get another for free.