The Craigslist’s Services Section Tips And Tricks

Back in the days when the Craigslist Service section was different, everyone is posting competitively but also carefully. Then recently, there was an exciting update. It went to paid ads – as of March 2018, in the service section it costs around $5 per ad. As highly anticipated, this action was the best one Craigslist has done. Hence, cleaning things at the Service Section posting. While other postings at the service section, others or mostly have are still to be competitive. Though, Craigslist posting has remained its limits per account in place. And that affects the marketing strategy of ads posting manually. Or with the software that doesn’t work.

How To Do It

Sign up your account at Craigslist first before posting. Then as you have already confirmed your email address, you can now start posting. When you are already at the Home Section of Craiglist, at the left side, click on “create a posting.” And this will lead you to choices on what location you are near or services you want to post. Then, it will automatically redirect to the next page without clicking the “continue” button. There are categories provided for you to choose from.

As you go along with your posting, you can reach the job ads posting where you can provide the following details:

  • Posting Title
  • Your City or Neighborhood
  • Your Postal Code
  • Description of your ads
  • The Compensation

After completion of the body of the ad of your posting, on the next page, you can have your image attached then hit the “Published” button. And before you can proceed, Craigslist will ask for the payment details of your posting. Then, you are done, and your ads are already published. You can check your published ads by clicking on the link Craigslist provided at the bottom part of its notification.


The Craigslist Posting Service is easy to use when you follow the instruction.