Types Of Water Slides And Things You Must Know About Them

If you want to know if inflatable water park price is worth it or not, be sure to check out this article. Listed below are some types of water slides that can help you determine what type of inflatable water slide to buy. However, let’s discuss how water slides work first.

How water slides operate

Water slides use the law of gravity in order to operate. The downward force that is powering water slides is determined by its position. If you are going down on an almost level incline, gravitational pressure drags you straight into the water slide. Afterward, the water slide forces you all the way up. The power that pushes you upward is virtually reverse the downhill power of gravitational pressure, delaying your downhill speed. As soon as the incline declines dramatically, you will experience a fast acceleration. This is because gravitational pressure will still be drawing you all the way down, but the incline of the water slide is no longer forcing you upright. Instead, it is forcing you at a direction somewhere between upwards as well as ahead. Because the slide is not working directly in opposition to gravitational pressure, you speed up on your way down even faster.

Types of water slides

1. Speed slides

Speed slides, as well as sled slides, emphasize only on using the upward and downward gravitational forces that were discussed above. It is only going down on a straight line, using water flowing down the slide to slow down the person going down.

2. Serpentine slides

Serpentine slides are the same as speed slides, however, there are curves along the way. This slide will curve to a variety of direction while going down. Serpentine slides have the benefit of having more thrill factor.