Games have become quite popular in the past couple of decades. More and more people have started getting into gaming that the increase in the number of players and games being produced have contributed to the staggering growth of the gaming industry, estimated to be worth $ 180 billion by 2021. This growth has resulted from the revenues in the sales and subscription of games and game consoles, which is not cheap.

With advancements in internet technology, online games have also risen in popularity and is possibly one of the major contributors in the gaming industry now. However, not all can afford buying a high-end computer, triple A game titles, or hefty subscription fees most online games come with.

Fortunately, there are game developers who make simple games in Flash format which they offer for free most of the time. These are short and simple games catered for those not looking into investing a lot in gaming but wants to be entertained, like “Nonton liga spanyol”.


Here are reasons why Online Flash games are still popular to a lot of people:

Free access to countless games

Most, if not all, online flash games are free to play. All one needs to do is visit a flash game website and choose from over 1000 titles from various game genres. This takes away the burden of spending a significant sum to have a good gaming experience, as most titles available in online flash format offer an immersive gameplay, albeit shorter than console titles.

Perfect for the casual gamer in you

Online flash games are significantly smaller in size compared to console titles. This means the experience they offer will be short. It will have a much simpler game play, mechanics, and plot. This is perfect for individuals who are not looking to spend countless hours for a game, and only want to be entertained for a short period of time. And with the simpler game mechanics, one doesn’t need to focus too much in online flash games.