3 best crazy yet sexy Halloween costumes for women

Are you aspiring for a hot sexy yet crazy avatar the coming Halloween? It could be that your crush would be coming to the party and you simply don’t want miss any chance to grab his attention. Now, that’s cool and here is a brief on some hot and hilarious Halloween costumes for women.

Sexy Jasmine dress

Talk about hot Disney princesses and this Arabian beauty tops the list hands down. So, if you are planning for a princess dress this time, the Jasmine outfit would be a sexy pick. The Jasmine dress you will find comes with a set of tube top and harem pants. The top will mostly feature a lovely sweetheart neckline while you also get a fine skirt to wrap over the pants. It’s good if the Jasmine costume package also includes a gorgeous bejeweled headpiece to complete the look.

Pirate dress

There is something insanely hot about pirate costumes for women. If you desire to be the sure-shot head-turner of your Halloween party, count on a sexy pirate costume this year. There are various variations of pirate Halloween costumes for women. One of them comes in a mini dress with halter neck and sweetheart neckline. It’s paired with a corset top in faux leather with attached metal buttons and peplum. You can choose to go sleeveless but full flowing adjustable peasant sleeves would be more appropriate. Pair the entire getup with a big black hat, black boots and faux sword.

Cat costume

How about mesmerizing him with a fierce feline charm? Well, in that case, a sultry cat costume would be fantastic. You will get these costumes in 3 pieces. You will have a rich black jumpsuit, a stylish cut-out neckline and cut-out leg piece. The jumpsuit will most possibly come with a long attached cat tail.