Why Are Elastic Cords In Jewelry Making Important?

Jewelry making has been a go to activity for one looking for stress relief, for fun, or even as just a personal hobby. It allows creativity to flow and it keeps your mind busy. It’s an ideal recreational activity for everyone and can be great gifts to give too.

Some of the basic necessities in starting to make your own jewelry involve elastic cords, cord stoppers and a heaping ton of beads that range from all shapes, colors and sizes. But out of them all, elastic cords are probably the most important. How so?

Secures Your Jewelry

There really isn’t much fun in jewelry making without a cord to hold your jewelry together. Necklaces and bracelets need elastic cords so you can design them properly. The types of elastic cords are important as well seeing as there are several types to choose from, all ranging in stretchable quality and durability.


Some elastic cords already have a design of their own. This allows you to either design around it or insert a small quantity of beads so the design stands out. Elastic cords are usually seen as plain looking. But they can be just as great on their own too especially with a design such as glitter or sparkles


Beads come in all shapes, color and sizes. With that said, large beads go very well on thick elastic cords and small beads suit thin elastic cords. The varieties of elastic cord can help you design a better jewelry piece.

Some beads may not fit certain sizes of elastic cords and one should note not to force it since it might break the cord or the bead.

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