What Is Plastic Surgery?

You may have heard of the words plastic surgeries countless times. Today, plastic surgeries are one of the highly in demand services across the globe. With the continuous advancement of technology and with the non stop studies and research in the field of medicine especially in surgical area, plastic surgeries have been the rage for a lot of people. Hence, if you are still unfamiliar with these terms yet you are interested to it, you are in the right place. This article will give you some facts about plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery – Definition

Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical method that involves reconstruction, alteration or restoration of the human body. Basically, it can be divided in to 2 categories; reconstructive surgery and aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery includes hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, treatment of burns and microsurgery. On the other hand, aesthetic surgery’s goal is to reconstruct a part of the body that has been damaged that requires improvement or enhancement.

Teens also consider plastic surgery – but not all

Based on research and studies, two percent of the total number of clients are made up of teens. This means that 224,000 cosmetic procedures are being done with teens.

It’s not only for the wealthy individuals

Another interesting fact about plastic surgery is that today, not only rich people can afford this type of surgical service. With the continuous rise of different clinics and businesses in the industry, the competition ahs become stronger making it a good situation for clients. Hence almost 50 percent of the total clients come from the middle class.


Most of the cosmetic procedures and surgical processes are done through the use of laser. Laser is known to be safer and effective in plastic surgeries. You can check some website about plastic surgeries such as PlasticSpot.io to know more about plastic surgeries.