4 Exercises To Boost Football Shooting Power

Football not only needs a good strategic thinking, but also a lot of physical prowess. While playing online games like DominoQQ can help somewhat with your strategic thinking, the physical aspect needs rigorous exercises. A very crucial and perhaps the most important part of playing football is the football shooting power of the player. Your body needs a lot of strength and conditioning to channelize the physical power in shooting the ball. You can follow the following 4 exercises to develop the strength of your shooting power.

  1. Front squats

Ask any fitness pro, and he will inarguably agree that front squats are excellent exercises to develop football shooting power. This exercise helps develop your hip strength and is also easy to ace by athletes. Shooting a football requires strength of the core muscles and front squats are amazing ways to increase strength of the core musculature.

  1. Box jumps

Jumping is a great exercise for the overall body. And box jumps force the athlete to use every single muscle of the body, thereby incredibly increasing strength of both upper and lower bodies. Thus you have better control over your body while you shoot the soccer ball with all your strength.

  1. Deadlift variations

Deadlifts are excellent exercises to follow for sportsmen. The wide-stance deadlift, or Sumo Deadlift, is fabulous to build the strength of the hips and glutes. Hip strength is extremely important for a powerful football shot. The glute muscles help move the thigh. Another variation of deadlift considered apt for soccer players is the single-leg Romanian Deadlift.

  1. Low-Back extensions

These exercises are simple to start with but have many benefits that people tend to overlook. It helps strengthen muscles of the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. This helps players shoot and evade better, run faster and jump higher.