Important Things To Know About Purchasing Weed Online In Ontario

With the opening of the Ontario Cannabis Store, comes a more convenient opportunity for people to purchase weed. This is because whenever people order weed online, all that they have to do is to sit and fill out some forms. In Canada, the Ontario Cannabis Store is one of the pioneering, when it comes to purchasing weed online. While it’s convenient, it is not as easy as some people may think. What exactly are the things that you ought to know about purchasing weed online? Let’s find out below.

Age and Delivery Style

Deliveries are in plain packages through the Canada Post for security purposes. This will be ensure that your package will not come across as a suspicious one, which will prompt for the opening of the package. There is an age-check procedure done by Canada Post, but not by the Ontario Cannabis store upon ordering whenever they are in the ordering stage. Because of this, you have to make sure that you are 19 years of age at the time of purchase. Should you be younger than this, the Canada Post will not allow you to claim your package. Also, only the purchaser will be authorized to claim, and nobody else.


Limit of Purchase, Convenience of Purchasing

You can filter your marijuana according to the content of THC and how strong it is. You can also purchase paraphernalia like special papers for rolling, as well as bongs and whatever may be necessary. You can also purchase up to 30 grams at any given time. You also have a shipping charge of $5, wherever in the province you may be. The government has a set of rules that are detailed, and while its use is legal, it still is prohibited from being used in other public areas.