How To Get More Twitter Followers To Grow Your Business

In the world of instant communication, an interpersonal relation with your customers is the next best thing to ensuring a steady business. And what provides a better connect to the world than social media? Keep reading to find out why Twitter is a great resource for growing your firm, and how to increase your followers for the same.


It is time to look at your followers from a different perspective. They are no longer viewers – they are a community of people that you target, that show interest in your content, that expect innovation, that have a connection or a bond with you. Treat this as an advantage as Twitter allows you to establish such personal relations with your customers that no other form of marketing does. Reciprocating the same interest your audience shows in you allows for a deeper bond to develop and ensures an even better brand identity. Who doesn’t want to be known for their amicable personnel?

Real-Time Communication

Twitter enables you to interact with your audience at a one-on-one level. Immediate response to queries addressed by customers and follow-up solutions demonstrate efficiency as problems are investigated as they arrive.

Free Marketing

One tends to be oblivious to the power social media holds. Movies like Bird Box, for instance, successfully surpassed several Netflix releases in terms of popularity and owe it all to the social media buzz and the infamous ‘Bird Box Challenge’. Simply said, Bird Box had to spend a grand total of zero on their marketing. The internet did it for them – for free.


People will follow you when your content connects to their immediate interests, thus it is crucial to know your audience before you target them. Categorize your products. Ask yourself – who benefits from these? Once you’ve established your target, think about interests they are likely to possess and make the most of it. The same product could cater to many sections of society in distinctive ways and it is important to keep that in mind while marketing.

Brand Identity

Turn Twitter features into benefits. Make your firm known and develop a brand identity through interpersonal contact with customers. Establish your company with a set of flexible characteristics. This by no means makes you fit in a box. Remember to differentiate between uniformity and monotony.


Apart from connecting with your customers, it is crucial to create friendly relations with businesses and partners that can prove to be beneficial in online promotions and brand awareness. Extend a hand towards companies that hold potential to facilitate your growth in a context larger than followers.


A pre-planned schedule makes it easier for you to organise your thoughts and show uniformity in your activity. Too little activity can slow down your progress and responses, whereas too much can hog up all the space in your followers’ feeds. Remember, the fact that you get to have interpersonal relations with your customers also means you can seem too desperate or all over the place.


Apart from demonstrating the best ideas and concepts inculcated by my company, the presentation of the same holds the potential to make or break your social media journey. A thematic, aesthetic approach to your posts (which, again, by no means leans towards monotony) gives you an edge over other companies. Have some fun and make use of Twitter’s best feature – micro blogging. The freedom to make opinions heard without the commitment of an article makes room for informal interaction, with use of polls, sharing day-to-day activities and events of the office and making relevant references to relate to your customers.

Several businesses are evidence that Twitter enables efficient communication which is the key for many business models. Through utilisation of this user friendly media, surprising progress can be made. Start your Twitter Journey now!