How to Become an Amazon FBA Seller

If you are looking to be a seller with Amazon, their FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon program is the right choice for you. It is Amazon that does all the shipping and handling of products on behalf of Amazon FBA seller.

Follow the below steps to become an Amazon FBA seller.

  1. Sign up on Amazon Seller Central

You need to fill provide some basic details like Business name and address, contact number, billing method and tax information. Then choose whether you want o have a Professional account (for selling more than 40 items in a month), or individual account (selling less than 40 items in a month). Read the “Before You Register” on their website, and “Agree to Seller Agreement” to complete the account setup.

  1. Build the Inventory

From the Inventory tab, select “Add a Product”. Then create a new product, or if you are selling an old item, search for the product by name or barcode. Mention the price of the product and select shipping method. Write authentic and comprehensive product description.

  1. Opt for “ Amazon Fulfilled”

This step allows you to become an Amazon FBA seller. Select “Manage Inventory” from the “Inventory” tab in Seller Central homepage. From the “Actions” drop down, select “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon” for each product. This temporarily removes the products from Amazon’s marketplace until your products reach Amazon Fulfillment center.

  1. Prepare and ship your products

Amazon has certain guidelines on how you should pack and courier your products to their Fulfillment center. You need to pack each product safely in separate polybags and label them appropriately. Then enter the number of units and number of cases you will be shipping to them. Finally select the shipping method to ship your products to Amazon Fulfillment center.

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