What is the difference between heavy duty and full-size pickup trucks?

The heavy-duty pickup trucks are used for the coverage of long distance whereas full-size pickup trucks are used for the coverage of small gap. Both vehicles are used to transport material one place to another. The trucks parts and accessories are not so different from each other.

To understand these terms you need to compare between them. This helps you in buying the truck.

Heavy-duty pickup trucks

These trucks are usually using for transport the good from one place to another. These trucks cover the long distance and are big as compare to the full sized truck. The trucks include:

  • Ford F-250 -350
  • Chevrolet Silverado= 2500- 3500
  • RAM= 2500-3500

Heavy-duty pickups have large diesel engines with sixteen wheels. The trucks are for commercial use, and there are mostly found in the construction area to carry heavy loads. The capacity of the truck is more than 20000 pounds.

Full-size pickup trucks

It is small in size as compared to heavy pickup trucks. These trucks are more in the market rather than heavy trucks. It includes:

  • Chevrolet Silverado= 1500
  • Ford F- 150
  • RAM= 1500

Most people buy it for their personal use as it is used to carry a small unit of material. The capacity of the truck is 1500-3000 pounds. These are used to carry furniture and construction equipment.

Conditions of both trucks

Heavy pickup trucks are not easy to buy for private buyers. These trucks are rarely come in use. Due to the large size, there is difficult to park, and it requires a trained person to ride. The truck parts and accessories are too costly. Whereas Full-size pickup is best for those, who use truck around town or even in that area where the truck can easily park. It is easy to drive.

From the above, I hope you may get knowledge about both the trucks and which is best for you to buy.