How Do You Get Hold Of Your Device’s User Manuals?

The decline of physical user manuals

There was a time when a newly-purchased electronic device would come with a comprehensive user-manual. Back then, there are people who would actually read these manuals to get to know their device really well. Sadly, those days are now gone.

As technology progressed, so did its user interface. Now, devices such as computers and smart phones are so user-friendly that the comprehensive user manuals have been deemed practically unnecessary. Manufacturers eventually figured that printing, binding, and including these user manuals have become counter-productive, since most consumers do not read them anymore.

User manuals in the internet age

User manuals has now been replaced with a quick start guide for all electronic device. And since the internet is readily accessible to almost everyone, companies have been uploaded to companies’ online support page should anyone need to access them.

Although there were apparent benefits of transitioning to a digital user manual format, it also has its drawbacks. People nowadays have become less familiar with their devices’ features and specs, and customer tech support has been having queries that a simple user manual could have easily answered. It basically made people lazier in familiarizing themselves with their devices.

Where do we find these manuals now?

Dell, Acer, Samsung, and Asus manuals are readily downloadable in their respective websites in pdf form. Anyone can just visit their website and request for links to download user manuals of specific models.

Another way is just by searching for specific manuals in Google. Typing in the specific brand and model and including keywords like “user manual” would result to links directing to you to pages where you can download them.

Now you know, avoid long waits in company tech supports by checking these readily available user manuals first the next time you have questions or concerns about a device’s features or performance.