Top 3 Best Recording Softwares For PC

Recording audio on PCs was not a very easy task some years back. However with the advancement of technology, various software applications came into existence which can record audio beautifully. If you are an aspiring singer or planning to launch your own channel on YouTube, you use these PC apps to record your audio and then rectify accordingly. These apps even offer many different features which enhances their utility as a recording software application.

While there are a huge number of options of recording softwares for your PC, you should always take your pick after measuring various pros and cons. Below listed are 3 best audio recording software applications for PC just to make your job a little easier.

  1. RecordPad

This high quality voice recorder software has several features which makes it one of the best options for audio recording available in the market. It enables the user to record, rip as well as burn audios, has voice-activated recording, and allows one to customize the interface according to his/her needs. It also has other useful features like noise reduction, pitch shifting and equalizing among other.

  1. PreSonus Studio One 3

This audio recording software for PC comes in both free and paid versions, and perfectly suitable for beginners as well as professionals. It enables you to share your music directly on SoundCloud and supports different audio formats like WAV, FLAC, MP3 etc. The free version is great for beginners because it offers an exhaustive set of features and editing tools.

  1. WavePad

This is one of the most popular audio recording softwares. It supports numerous audio file formats like WAV, MP3, to MPC, APE and AMR. It even offers some great editing tools and offers all the basic editing features like cut, copy, trim, insert etc. This is compatible with both Mac and Windows.