Industrial Farming Is One Of The Worst Crimes In History

Human beings have affected the natural ecological system of the planet in a number of ways. The process started with the growing population of human beings. When human population was confined to only Asia, Africa and Europe, there were a number of species of flora and fauna that survived in the other areas. The human population grew and started to need more resources for their survival. These resources included land, water and food.

The human population expanded and started to conquer other areas of the planet. This expansion and growth resulted in the loss of a majority of animal species from the various parts of the world. With growing urbanization, the needs for humans for food and land also increased. Gradually, it was needed to ensure a proper water supply to the newly developed areas which also included massive exploitation of natural resources. It means that the process of growth of human population has been fatal for the nature and naturally occurring resources that are available to us on the planet.

However, industrial farming is considered as the biggest challenge that homo sapiens are likely to face. Industrial farming made it possible for us to meet the needs of food supply for a vast majority of human population. Animals started to be reared in farms and crops were cultivated on a massive scale. The growth in agriculture started to pollute the land and industrial farming of animals started to consume a lot of water. This started to pollute the natural water resources. However, soon industrial water treatment was started but the process requires massive amounts of electricity that adds to the air pollution. Hence, the need of the hour is to find a more environment friendly alternative to the process of industrial farming. It is important to make sure that the needs of the present and the future generations are fulfilled but minimum harm is done to the planet and environment in this process. It is the only way to ensure a better future.