The Reason I Started Collecting Old Pc Games In Big Cardboard Boxes

Call it nostalgia or my fantasy, but I’ve always been intrigued by gaming since my childhood. I have always had a thing for PC games and I have spent my childhood collecting the latest edition of games at that point in time. I remember the time I used to spend my free hours in arranging the games like Fifa, Cricket, Unreal tournament, and many others, dusting off the dirt from the CD cases. As I started growing into my late teens, I found myself more indulged in social media and internet games which were a cool affair back then and left the early-life games into a corner.

Last week, I had to stash my belongings into the cupboard and I discovered a pile of gaming CDs lying unattended on the rack. It made me feel crippled as there were no requirements for all these stuff but it had a pint of my childhood which I just couldn’t throw away. So, I decided to place them in big cardboard boxes.

The Sorting

Sorting these unpopular yet memorable games was tough. I could not just throw them away so I decided to call in large cardboard boxes after getting quotes from cardboard box suppliers. The cardboard box suppliers helped me find the perfect box to store my vinyl CDs into a pack. I placed all the CDs and shelved them into the storeroom. Cleaning the games not only helped me get much space for my belongings but also assisted me in putting them safely into the storeroom. There is no logic behind storing them but due to my heavy nostalgia and mental barrier in throwing them away, I just had to put them in a box and seal tape the box so that I can keep the memories intact and look into the cardboard box more often to remember those lovely days.