12 Best Karaoke Apps 2019

You being your own superstar

Wouldn’t it be quite a moment if you get to sing as a rockstar, with music playing in the background and you reading the script with the lyrics and voicing it. In the end you get a beautifully composed song, with your voice, music and the studio effects. But alas, not everybody has access to the music studios where the songs are recorded. Nothing to be upset though, as technology has made its way through this problem of yours and gives you this opportunity to create a studio of your own. You surely can browse through and look up the best karaoke app for pc  and phones to get your personalized studio.

Various karaoke apps are available nowadays, which only requires to register and make an account. After this you can easily avail all its features. All you need to do is search a song you want to sing, select the music recording that best suits your pitch and mood, plug in your earphones, meticulously follow the instructions on when to begin and stop, sing your lines, add the studio effects towards the end and your are done. You get your own song, of your own voice which gives you next to the original track feel as there is the music in it. You have lyrics scrolling on your screen you just have to sing along. These apps are appealing as they provide next to the real feeling. You become your own rockstar.

Singing a duet becomes easier

The stunning feature of these apps is the fact that you can even sing a duet, without being physically present with someone or even know knowing the person opposite to you. Your recordings are public posts by default, until set otherwise. Other members can view your post and play it, and anyone can join it to sing the duet with you and record their part. This entire composition comes out to be a marvelous piece. In addition to these, people also encourage you by liking your recording and following your profile and so can you follow someone else’s account whose recording appeal you, to stay updated to their posts. As your followers increase so does your enthusiasm to do more and perform even better. You even get to try out different genres of songs and check your versitality and get encouraged thus.