Good Night Message For My Baby:-

Baby, I hope you remember each day that I love you a lot. Above everything and everyone, it’s you as my top priority. You have changed me miraculously. Bringing a paradigm shift into my personality and character for the better part, it’s you who has stood by me in all my problems. I hope you realize that even when we are apart, I am right beside you each night. You need not miss me. Just think of me and I know you will feel me right next to you.

Our tough struggles

I know our relationship has never been so easy. I am well acknowledged with the fact that not every night was I able to let you go off to sleep with a happy smile on your face. I know you have dozed off crying on innumerable nights. I don’t know if I can help with your predicaments or eradicate them.

I’ll stand by you till eternity

But I know I will stand by you in each and every phase of your life. Your problems are mine and will remain mine forever. I cannot claim to have felt the full intensity of frustration and depression that you go through when you feel alone or you miss me when you are stuck in between your despicable and pity conditions. But there is one thing I am sure of- I am never letting you go to sleep with tears in your eyes from now on.

Dream our togetherness

I want you to dream of us happily when you slowly close your eyes to sleep. As it is that you are so sweet and simple, I hate seeing you sad. And I hate myself for letting you go with a gloomy face. Just remember my good night message for you will always be that I love you so much that I won’t be able to love myself ever again if you go to sleep when melancholy is drowning you. I love you too much sweetie. Good night and take care.